III  Międzynarodowy  Chopinowski

                            Konkurs Pianistyczny

Wiedeń 17-19 września 2020r.



       III  International Chopin Piano Competition              Vienna 17-19 September 2020


        III  Internazionaler Chopin Klavierwettbewerb

                    Wien  17-19 September 2020

III International Chopin Piano Competition  

17-19 September 2020 Vienna -Austria 




Rules and regulations 




1. The III International Chopin Piano Competition '' II internazional Chopin Klavier Wetbewerb'' is Organised by the music foundation

''Gloria Artis'' with Cooperation of Poliniches institute Wien , Forum der Polen Wien , Wien kultur , and Baylor University School of music .  


2.The Competition will be held in Vienna between 17-19 September 2020 in  ''KlavierGalerie'' concert hall which is located in

 Kaiserstraße 10, 1070 Wien, Austria .


3. The competition is open to all pianists from any nationality born after January 1 1982 . The contestants will be grouped in 5 categories

from 1 to 7.


Category 1 up to 10 years old : 


Program :


- One work by F.Chopin . 

- One work free chosen  

                              - max.  7 min -  


Category 2 up to 13 years old : 




- One work by F.Chopin 

- One work free chosen 

                                  - max. 10 min - 


Category 3 up to 16 years old : 




- One work by F.Chopin (preferable scherzo, polonaise, mazurkas)

- One free chosen virtuosic etude (Chopin etudes are preferable ) 

- One free chosen work -

            max. 15 min - 


Category 4 up to 20 years old : 




- One work by F.Chopin ( Preferable scherzo, polonaise , ballade) 

- One F.Chopin etude or a virtuosistic work 

 -One work free chosen 

         - max.20 min - 


Category 5 up to 35 years old: 




- One on the following works  by F.Chopin Scherzo, Ballade, Barcarolle 

 - One F.Chopin etude.

 - One work free chosen 


-max. 25 min - 


3. All works are presented by memory without repetition. 


4. Documents must be sent by e-mail and include : 


- Application form 

- a photography 

- fee payment  


5. Registration deadline is 20 August 2020


6. The participation fee for the competition is 75 EUR to be paid before the competition 


  Bank account : 

 IBAN :  AT 44 2011 1837 1673 4400



all documents must be sent by e-mail to: gloria.artis.vienna@gmail.com 


7. If you do not attend the contest, the participation fee will not be refunded.


8. The costs of transport, accommodation, and meals will be borne by competitors. On-demand reservations can be made at the hostel or hotel.


9. All contests are public and will take place at Klaviergalerie Kaiserstraße 10, 1070 Wien, Austria 



10. Competitors will be assessed according to the following criteria:- respecting the musical text;- technical achievement;- artistic achievement

- the interpretative personality.


11. The Jury reserves the right to discontinue the competitor if the maximum duration specified in the Regulation is exceeded.


12. Jury is not obliged to grant all prizes.


13.  The Jury’s decisions are final, irrevocable and non-claimable.


14. The jury contains following judges:


Prof.Mariusz Dziewicki ( Music Acadeny in Lodz-Poland) 

Prof.Bradley Bolen ( Baylor Unversity School of MusicTexas -USA) 

Prof.Stefan Moller ( University of Music and arts in Vienna -Austria)


M.A Ayham Hammour ( secretary) 


15. Since signing up, competitors have accepted all the conditions for participation.




Category 1 and 2  : 


-  I prize : Scholarship to the next edition of Festival Gloria Artis in Vienna including free participation and accomodation, diploma and I prize cup 

- II prize :  II prize cup and diploma

- III prize : III prize diploma and cup . 

- honorable mention diplomas 


category 3 and 4 : 


-  I prize:  Scholarship to the Summer Piano Institute of Baylor University School of Music ( Texas-USA) , diploma and I prize cup.

- II prize : II prize cup and diploma.  

- III prize : III prize cup and diploma.

- honorable mention diplomas 


Category 5 :


- cash prize for the I prize , diploma and cup 

- II prize: II prize cup and diploma

- III prize: III prize cup and diploma 

- honorable mention diplomas .



Download application form here








           GALA CONCERT 


          20 September 2020

                 12:00 PM

    concert hall in Klaviergalerie

          Kaiserstraße 10,

               1070 Wien, Austria 

To jest element nagłówek.

Due to the epidemiological situation caused by COVID-19
Our Piano festival and Chopin Piano Competition 2020
in Vienna are cancelled.
Your health is for us the most important .