Online edition



 IV International Chopin Piano Competition

IV Międzynarodowy Konkurs Chopinowski

VIENNA 2022  



Rules and regulations 




1. The IV International Chopin Piano Competition '' IV Internazional Chopin Klavier Wetbewerb'' is Organised

by the International Music Association   ''Gloria Artis'' in Vienna 


2.The Competition will be held Online.


3. Winners concert of live competition will be held in Vienna on November 2022 in the Embassy of Poland in Vienna, winners who can't come to Vienna will keep the opurtiunity to perform in

the II International Gloria Artis Talents Festival. 


4. The competition is open to all pianists from any nationality with no-age limit.



COMPETITION CATEGORIES for both online and live competition: 


Category I:  up to 10 years old : 


Program :


- One work by F.Chopin . 

- One work free chosen  

                              - max.  5 min -  


Category II  up to 13  years old : 




- One work by F.Chopin 

- One work free chosen 

                                  - max. 8 min - 


Category III up to 16 years old : 




- One work by F.Chopin (preferable scherzo, polonaise, mazurkas)

- One free chosen virtuosic etude (Chopin etudes are preferable ) 

- One free chosen work -

                                             max. 15 min - 



Category IV  up to 21 years old : 




- One work by F.Chopin ( Preferable scherzo, polonaise , ballade) 

- One F.Chopin etude or a virtuosistic work 

 -One work free chosen 

         - max.20 min - 


Category V - no age limit- 




- One on the following works  by F.Chopin Scherzo, Ballade, Barcarolle 

 - One F.Chopin etude.

 - One work free chosen 


-max. 25 min - 



4. All works are presented by memory without repetition. 


5. Registration is online  please attach folowing documents: 

- Document which proves your age  

- fee payment  


5. Registration deadline is the 28th of October 2022



6. The participation fee for the  Competition is 100 EUR.

              to be transfered to our Bank account. 



  Bank account : 

 IBAN :  AT 44 2011 1837 1673 4400


Benefit: International Music Association Gloria Artis in Vienna

Address: Eduard Klein Gasse 7 1130 Wien

Bank die Erste



Important !!  Participant bears the cost of the transfer  otherwise we will send you back the transfer

on your cost and cancel the application !


              You can also pay using PayPal  or Revolut please contact us : gloria.artis.vienna@gmail.com 


7. The participation fee is not refunded.



8. Competitors will be assessed according to the following criteria:- respecting the musical text;- technical achievement;- artistic achievement- the interpretative personality.


9. Jury is not obliged to grant all prizes.


10.  The Jury’s decisions are final, irrevocable and non-claimable.


11. The International Music Asscociation Gloria Artis reserves the right to make any modifiactions on

rules and scheduals of the competition.


12. Winners wich will perform during the winers concert are responsable for covering all expenses related to the travel to Vienna. 

Our Association don't participate in costs and don't take responsibility of the winners travel to Austria. 


13. All participants for live competition are obliged to double check the COVID-19 restrictions in Austria and make sure they

have all necessary requirements to travel to Austria.


14. All participants for live competition are obliged to follow the recomendations and limitaions according to COVID-19 if

any are suddenly provided. 


15. Participating in competition, competitors automatically disown the right for any material (financial) remuneration

regarding eventual publication and distribution of submited music video recordings and the other sent materials.


16. By sending applicaion and recordings you agree for processing your personal data for promotional purpuses of

Gloria Artis International Association in Vienna.  ​



17. By submitting your application you accept the rules and conditions of III International Chopin Piano Competition.



Recording requirments for ONLINE participants: 


►Only links to the public platform like YouTube are acepted – please do not send files to download.

►Please make sure your video is not mark as a „private”

►The full names of the the piece, the composer and the performer, must be include in the video title or description.

►All the pieces must be performed by heart

►The recording may be made using a static camera or mobile phone.

►The whole piece must be recorded in one cut.

►Videos or sound edition is not allowed.

►The whole silhouette as well as hands of the contestant must be clearly visible.

►Competitors may submit as many videos as pieces..

►The video for competition purposes can’t be made earlier than 12 months prior to the competition.






Competitors are qualified according to the average grade point of evaluations by the Jury:

Ist Prize: from 90 to 100

II Prize: from 80 to 89

III Prize: from 73 to 79

Honorable mention: 70-72





-  Concert opportunities in Vienna for best Ist prize winners


2 scholarships to participate in the Summer Piano Institute organized by Baylor University

School of music(Texas- USA) in June 2023.


- Piano Recital at Baylor University in Texas - USA - travel expenses are covered!! 


- Special prizes awarded for autstanding musicianship - artistic potential.