During masterclass you have 4 lessons with professors you choose to work with, in addition  for every participant has booked 2 hours daily in a practice room  


  every day we are welcome (between 12:00 -13:00)  you to take a part or to watch a masterclass provided by one of our professors 

  for  participants we have organised  2 recitals in lovely concert halls: 

 - Barocksaal in Alter Rathaus 

 - Festsaal des Amtehause in Hietzing 

 - Kaisersaal der Klaviergalerie 

 Masterclass takes place in a very nice piano galery in centrum Vienna 


Kaiserstraße 10, 1070 Wien, Austria


Professors on masterclass: 

-Prof.Tatiana  Shevtschenko ( MusicAcademy in Odessa-Ukrain) 

-Prof.Mirosław Herbowski (Music Academy in Cracow-Poland)

-Prof.Artur Jaroń ( Music Conservatory in Kielce - Poland) 

-Prof.Bradley Bolen ( Baylor University - Texas USA )