► Competition is open for all piansits of any nationality 


►  Only solo piano works are acceptable in the competition (no Concertos, no duets, etc).

      All works must be memorized, with the exception of avant-garde works.


► Free chosen program by competitior , We accept parts of (sonatas , suites ...) .


►The repertoire must not exceed the time limit  depending of the age category.



 Recording requirements: 



►You shouldto submit links to the video recording of your performance.

►Only links to the public platform like YouTube are acepted – please do not send files to download.

►Please make sure your video is not mark as a „private”

►The full names of the the piece, the composer and the performer, must be include in the video title or description.

►All the pieces must be performed by heart

►The recording may be made using a static camera or mobile phone.

►The whole piece must be recorded in one cut.

►Videos or sound edition is not allowed.

►The whole silhouette as well as hands of the contestant must be clearly visible.

►Competitors may submit as many videos as pieces..

►The video for competition purposes can’t be made earlier than 12 months prior to the competition.





► By participation in competition, competitors automatically disown the right for any material (financial) remuneration regarding

eventual publication and distribution of submited music video recordings and the other sent materials.

► By sending applicaion and recordibgs you agree for processing your personal data for promotional purpuses of Gloria Artis Association.




Application fee


►Application fee is 60 EUR to be transfered to the folowing bank account 


Benefit name : Gloria Artis Verein 

   IBAN :  AT 44 2011 1837 1673 4400


  Adress : Eduard-Klein-Gasse 7

                   1130 Wien 

             Bank name : die Erste Bank 

            Bank Address : Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 4

              1130 Wien 




►Application form to be filled Online (please visit Apply now) 




Competition Categories: 


I    categorie : 6-7 years old - up to 5 min. 


II   categorie : 8-9 years old - up to 7 min. 


III  categorie : 10-11 years old - up to 10 min.


IV  categorie: 12-13 years old - up to 12 min .


V   categorie: 14-15 years old - up to 15 min.


VI  categorie: 16-17 years old - up to 18 min.


VII categorie: 18-19 years old - up to 20 min 


VIII categorie: 19-no age limit - up to 25 min. 






►Jury members are selected among reknown , active Pianists  , Profesores and piano Pedgogues .

►The jury work is based on the internal regulations.

►The contestants will be judged based only on the submitted recordings.

►The decisions of the jury is final and irrevocable.




Prizes and awards: 


  • Scholarship for free partcicpation in the Gloria Artis Piano Festival 2021 in Vienna including concerts and masterclasses.
  • Scholarship for free participation in the Summer Piano Institute 2021 at Baylor University (Texas-USA) Financial awards.
  • Invitaions to play in concerts or recitals orgnized by Gloria Artis Association in Vienna and abroad. 
  • Diplomas and Honorble mentions .



►For more information please write us on:





Competition Rules 

          III International Gloria Artis Music Competition in Vienna