Prof. Artur Jaroń

Music School in Kielce-Poland






Prof. Patricia Shih (violin)

Baylor University - Texas USA





Prof. Mirosław Herbowski (piano)

Music Academy in Kraków-Poland



Prof. Zdzisław Łapiński (cello)

Music Academy in Kraków-Poland




Prof. Łukasz Błaszczyk (violin)

Music Academy in Lodz- Poland 





     Prof. Brian Marks (piano)

 Baylor University - Texas USA







 - Welcome to apply to our International Masterclasses with worldwide artists and Professors which are ready to inspire you on your career journey.


-  Masterclasses are open to all professional musicians from any nationality who play piano , violin and cello (only CLASSICAL music)


- Before applying Participants should send a recording of their performence up to 10 minutes which shows their abilities. 


- Due to the COVID 19 restrictions Masterclasses will be held online between 20-30 of September 2021.


- We will invite our Participants  to perform at Bosendorfer Sale at  Mozart's House in Vienna during the season 2022 depending on epidemic situation in Austria.


- Masterclasses include lessons with world renowned  artists and Professors in USA and Poland.


- Every Participants will get 4 online lessons of 45 minutes duration. 


- Every Participant will get a-Diploma when Masterclasses are over by the end of September 2021.


-Our Association will be promoting  participants recordings  on our Facebook and Youtube profiles during Masterclass.


- Outstanding participants will get opportunity to perform in Vienna at concerts We organize for promotion talented musicians.


- Deadline for sending applications 15th  of September 2021


Masterclasses Fee:


300 EUR which include 4x45 minutes online lessons, Diploma and performence at Mozart's Hause in Vienna. 

150 EUR for passive participants  include acces to all  lessons during Masterclasses and passive participation Diploma. 


Bank account details: 


Benefit : Gloria Artis International Music Association

Address: Eduard Klein Gasse 7 

1130 Wien 

IBAN :  AT 44 2011 1837 1673 4400



- Participant covers the fee of the transfer !


For PayPal payment please contact us :


- All lessons details and time tables participants will recieve by e-mail no later than 18 September 2021. 


Meet our Professors:



















International Gloria Artis Online Masterclasses

20-30 SEPTEMBER 2021